Multi-threaded execution of code. Javascript threads.


Narrative JavaScript
Narrative JavaScript is a small extension to the JavaScript language that enables blocking capabilities for asynchronous event callbacks. This makes asynchronous code refreshingly readable and comprehensible.


Javascript With Advanced Continuation Support
Asynchronous operations written in a synchronous style: Traditional Ajax applications require the programmer to either write a maze of event handlers, or to provide only extremely simple and idempotent operations. Jwacs provides library functions that make asynchronous operations such as an XMLHttpRequest appear synchronous.


JsLINB - Javascript framework of LINB
LINB(Lazy Internet and Browser) is designed to allow developers coding in a more targetable, clearly, and efficiently way, which is platform-independent, language-independent, and C/S, B/S, RIA compatible.
Thread feature: javascript thread implementation that can control the sequence of asyn functions.


Concurrent XML Queries with AJAX
Solution that would reduce the wait time, but second reduce the amount of data shown to the user, as it is mostly similar data consolidating and filtering the data before returning it to the user is essential. Some sort of threaded model similar to the observer/observable model, where each XML query is launched on its own 'thread'.


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